“mom,Try to learn from us,Pretending to look at dad seriously:‘Correct,You are right!’,So good!When I say he won’t be long-winded!”Chen Qian looks forward to being adopted after offering her advice,Mother Chen feels absurd,After thinking about it, I feel that Master Chen’s reaction to hearing this twice is very strange,But still doubtful negation:“how is this possible?He just doesn’t bother to talk about you。”

“he?Too lazy to say?I’m so energetic that I won’t listen,More terrible than the Tang monk in Journey to the West!That’s how it works!Don’t believe you try。”Chen Qian heard Lord Chen roar outside:“I’m talking!Don’t you listen,What are you talking about with Chen Qian??Did

Wide coverage is only one level,Another level,yaho!The first flight of search page ads is quite cheap,such asebaywithyaho!This advertising cooperation,Although the two parties did not disclose the specific contract amount of the advertisement,But I was well-informed and got some news:This half-month advertisement,The total amount does not exceed30Ten thousand U.S. dollars。

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